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New Orleans Film Society

Dead Dad

USA 82 min.

Sunday, October 14, at 7:00 p.m.
Theatres at Canal Place 1
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Ken J. Adachi
Ken J. Adachi, Kyle Arrington
Kelly Calligan, Ben Hethcoat
Eric Bader
Eric Ekman
Director Bio
Director/Writer Ken J. Adachi's projects have screened across the country, and his short film Picture Day won a College Television Award in 2010. While working primarily in short formats, Adachi developed an urge to complete a feature length film. New to Los Angeles and with limited funds, he and his collaborators embraced a grassroots approach and worked nights and weekends to make it happen. The result is Dead Dad, Adachi's feature film debut.
  • Trailer: Dead Dad


When their dad dies unexpectedly, estranged siblings Russell, Jane and their adopted brother, Alex, come home to tend to his remains. Though a stubborn and proud bunch, they are able to agree on one thing: nobody wants to keep the ashes. With little guidance and mounds of resentment among them, the three must work together to achieve a proper goodbye. The man who split them apart brings them closer together as the siblings learn what it means to be a family without their dad.