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New Orleans Film Society

Keeper of the Flame

USA 30 min.

Brian Nelson
Brian Nelson, Greg Anderson
Rob Williams & Marques Miles
Trescher Chambers
E. Wilson, Max Smith
  • Keeper of the Flame


In hurricane-ravished New Orleans, the enigmatic Mardi Gras Indian culture serves as a pillar in the community and a symbol of strength in the midst of adversity. When the Big Chief of a prominent Indian tribe dies unexpectedly, he passes the leadership of the tribe on to an unlikely candidate: his young grandson Michael, who has the heart of a warrior but the appearance of a sheep. Unhappy with his father’s decision to pass him up for the younger Michael, Michael’s uncle Tré forms his own tribe and challenges Michael’s position as a Chief and his role as a man in general. In this coming-of-age story, a young boy must decide how important it is to keep the flame of his ancestors burning and whether he is willing to do what it takes to show that he is worthy of his calling.