Director Garrett Bradley
Writer Garrett Bradley
Producers David Stekert
Producers Andrew Vogelman
Cinematographer Brian C. Miller Richard
Cinematographer Milena Pastreich
Editor Garrett Bradley
Runtime 70 minutes
Country USA

Elliott wants to find his way back to the girl he lost in New York. Leanne wants a modelling career and a home for her kids. Jamaine wants the stability of a job after the turmoil of his criminal youth. Individually, their paths turn to New Orleans, a remedy to their incomplete ambitions that may only exist within their collective imagination. Wending their fractured ways into this place of perceived promise, they learn, to their dismay, that they must cope with a decidedly stunted range of possible futures.
Led by its roughshod ethos and a hybrid approach that refracts the factual through the fictional, Below Dreams peers into the city like a Rorschach blot, life-sized and in full color: from this side a lair of lust and menace, from that side a bramble-patch of hazard and faint but obstinate hope. -Jonathan Kieran

Scheduled to attend: director Garrett Bradley, DP Brian Richard, and cast members Leann Miller, Desmond Watson, Jamaine Johnson, and Elliot Ehlers.

Throughout Below Dreams, a brief smattering of familiar local artists emerge including the illustrious Meschiya Lake, jazz sensation Mario Abney, and perhaps the most unique artist currently within the sissy bounce scene, Vockah Redu. In conjunction with this screening, Vockah Redu and the Cru will present a one-night-only event, immediately following the Q+A.

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