Director Josh Tate
Writer Paul Gleason
Writer Joshua Tate
Producer Maritte Go
Producer Andrew C. Richey
Producer Joshua Tate
Cinematographer Damian Horan
Editor Andrew Nackman
Editor Andrew C. Richey
Editor Joshua Tate
Runtime 101 minutes
Country USA

Getting high and crashing cars is all good fun when you’re a restive adolescent in a dead dumpster of a small town, but try it as a 24-year-old with life-altering brain damage and folks might raise more than the indulgent eyebrow. Thus begins the story of Ivy, wrenched from her comfortable world of sloppy love affairs and even sloppier tattoos and reborn as the newest VSP (Very Special Person) at Love Land Ranch, a place of nutritive mushes, enforced musical chairs, and mind-numbing hours of Day Hab.

Ivy’s desperation to escape back into her old delinquent life runs her afoul of the facility’s harried administrators and into the arms of Roger, Love Land lifer and incorruptible Good Buddy. Their romance, in which manipulation and sweetness become hopelessly indistinguishable, will teach her the loneliness of rejecting the only family you have left.
Deftly humanizing, never patronizing, Love Land keeps one eye locked on the social issue that is institutionalization while its deadly sarcastic wit illuminates the troubled hearts of its discarded-but-not-defeated heroes. -Jonathan Kieran

Scheduled to attend: director Joshua Tate; producers Maritte Lee Go, Alex Glenn Prather, and Andrew C. Richey; composer Aaron Guidry; and cast members Monica Gaseor, Michael Iovine, Memphis DiAngelis, Maddy Davidson, Skyy Moore, Angelica Briones, and April Hartman.