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New Orleans Film Society

Deep South by Suroeste



Seven short films focusing on the Latino experience in the Southwest will screen as part of a free, one-night program called “Deep South by Suroeste” Saturday, July 28, at the Contemporary Arts Center. The event is presented by the New Orleans Film Society, the CAC, Press Street, the Charitable Film Network, and Facundo International.
The roster of award winning films includes two Cannes short film selections by Angela Torres (Mexico) and Mario Troncoso (Spain), and impressive works by two of the most important Latino filmmakers to have come out of Texas in recent years, Miguel Alvarez and Maru Buendia-Sientes, and up-and-coming filmmaker Sharon Arteaga from Corpus Christi. Two medium format shorts by South American filmmakers Gabriela Yepez (Peru), and Venezuelan-American Sergio Carvajal will also be featured.  Filmmakers in attendance will participate in a short discussion immediately following the screenings. 
The program will begin at 6:00 with a reception, followed by film screenings at 6:30 p.m.


FRENTE NORESTE by Angela Torres
Esperanza has to save her family from drug-dealers extortion.  Based on a true story. (11:25 minutes, 2010)

LA PARED by Maru Buendia-Senties 

“La Pared” defies the Mexican concept of “Macho” as it explores the nature of human instinct and the concept of action and reaction.” (15:22 minutes, 2007) 

CLOWNS NEVER LIE by Mario Troncoso 

A schizophrenic street performer, who dreams of performing for a real audience, struggles with his daily reality. (9:35 minutes, 2010)

KID by Miguel Alvarez
A coming-of-age ritual defines the relationship between a 13-year old boy and his estranged father. (12:08 minutes, 2007)

WHEN I GROW UP by Sharon Arteaga 

“When I Grow Up” is about two generations, with two different dreams, and the point where they must intersect.  (9:17 minutes, 2010)

EL GALLO: PEPE KID by Sergio Carvajal 

Pepito is the first episode of the independent series El Gallo; a compendium of tales from the southwest that recount the story of a magical rooster and the dozens of lunatics that are after him.  (45 minutes, 2011)

DANZAK by Gabriela Yepez  

Nina is a 10 year old girl whose life dramatically changes when her father and Master Scissor Dancer asks her to fulfill her last wish. (20 minutes, 2009)

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