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New Orleans Film Society

The Pussycat Preacher

Originally screened October 14, 2008

USA 64 min.

Bill Day
Bill Day


Who better than an ex-porn star and pole dancer turned re-born Christian to reach out a hand towards salvation to women still working in the sex trade ?  Heather Veitch is a stripper, soft porn actress, sex addict, boozer and S&M queen. Then one day she finds religion. She marries her boyfriend, trains herself to be a hair stylist, and starts going to church. The congregation doesn’t accept her at first, but after she teaches some of the wives how to strip for their husbands, Heather is in demand. Heather is ready to settle down and live a normal life until she receives news that an old friend from her days as a stripper has died of alcoholism. Shaken and guilty about leaving so many friends behind, Heather comes up with an idea. If she could start a small ministry at her church to reach out to women in the sex industry, then perhaps she could save some lives. Heather’s passionate personality persuades the young pastor of her church and a few of the women to join her. She calls her group JC’S GIRLS and starts taking her team out to strip clubs. They don’t judge the strippers, they just let them know JC’S GIRLS will be there. Ironically, JC’S GIRLS is met with open arms by the sex industry, but back at church, the announcement of the ministry goes over like a lead balloon. The resistance, mostly from church staff, quickly reveals a historical bias against women as leaders in the Christian Church. But Heather and friends refuse to back down, thus setting the stage for a showdown between the forces of love and hate.