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New Orleans Film Society

Faubourg Treme, The Untold Story of Black New Orleans

USA 68 min.

Dawn Logsdon
Lolis Eric Elie
Executive Producer
Wynton Marsalis, Stanley Nelson
Lucie Faulkner, Lolis Eric Elie, Dawn Logsdon
Derrick Hodge
JoNell Kennedy
Diego Velasco, Keith Smith, Bobby Shepard
Dawn Logsdon, Sam Green, Aljernon Tunsil


Think you know New Orleans history? Well, think again. Faubourg Treme, The Untold Story of Black New Orleans takes a fascinating look at one of our city’s most mysterious neighborhoods with writer and Treme resident Lolis Eric Elie.
Long ago, this place was home to the most prosperous and politically active black community in America. Here black and white, free and enslaved, rich and poor cohabitated, collaborated, and clashed to create much of what defines our city today.
Drawing on footage shot before and after Hurricane Katrina, and much never-before-seen archival footage, Faubourg Treme, The Untold Story of Black New Orleans uncovers Treme’s forgotten past in a riveting tale of hope, heartbreak, and endurance.

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