Cinema Reset is the experimental/new media partner of the New Orleans Film Festival. Since 2012, Cinema Reset has brought exciting media works to New Orleans, facilitated community workshops and championed regional creative voices on the front lines of emerging storytelling forms. Cinema Reset is led by Lindsey Phillips and Rachel Lin Weaver.




My Grandmother’s Landscapes (Paisajes de mi abuela)

dir. Julian Yuri Rodriguez

Ogden Museum

Julian Yuri Rodriguez traveled to Havana to capture the world through the eyes of his grandmother, who fled Cuba in 1958 and never returned. Rodriguez transformed the images of his trip into a virtual reality experience that allowed his grandmother to visit her homeland without crossing the border. His 360-degree video transports viewers to spaces embedded in the living memories of many Cubans in exile and gives viewers from all backgrounds a chance to experience the power and possibility of immersive storytelling.

About the director: Julian Yuri Rodriguez is the star of No Seasons, the new MTV web-series based on true stories from his time growing up in Miami.


16mm Etching and Digital Manipulation Workshops with Russell Sheaffer and Aaron Michael Smith

This two-part workshop encourages filmmakers to seek a workflow that combines film and video to create innovative abstract works. In Part One, participants will learn how to make moving images and sound by etching into unexposed 16mm film. In Part Two, participants will experiment

with the digital manipulation of handmade films. An excerpt of “On Surgery,” a film by Russell Sheaffer and Aaron Michael Smith, will precede the workshops. Participants are welcome to attend one or both of the workshops. The workshops are both free and open to the public. 

About Russell Sheaffer: One of Variety magazine’s “110 Students to Watch,” Russell Sheaffer is an experimental and documentary filmmaker and producer.

About Aaron Michael Smith: Aaron Michael Smith is a composer based in Indiana, and a graduate of the Jacobs of School of Music at Indiana University.


Music for Cars at Night on Country Roads

Jane Cassidy

Ogden Museum parking lot

Music For Cars At Night On Country Roadsis an immersive music and video installation that transports audiences to dark, Southern country roads. Audiences sit inside a 1992 Toyota pickup truck, as a 30-minute musical score plays through the stereo system and a synchronized video of driving on an Alabama road is projected onto the windshield of the truck. This (auto)mobile installation will travel around New Orleans—follow Cinema Reset on social media (below) for updates on new locations.

About the artist: Jane Cassidy is a multidisciplinary artist and educator from Galway, Ireland. She is currently Assistant Professor of Digital Media at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa.