October 23

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@ The Shop at CAC | Open to the public

So after months of chiselling away at your picture lock, you look up and realize you have no idea how to find a soundtrack or commission a score. Or: you’ve got a couple of albums under your belt (and a SoundCloud bursting with new tunes) and you think you’d like to try your hand at writing for movies. Good news! We’ve collected a panel of music-savvy filmmakers and film-savvy musicians who are ready to drop knowledge on composing for films, finding the right soundtrack, and everything else to do with that almost-mystical element that only truly great film music can bring. Stick around after the talk to mingle and maybe find your next collaborator!

George S. Clinton is a film composer with over 100 credits to his name, including Austin Powers, Wild Things, and A Dirty Shame
Lily Keber’s first feature documentary Bayou Maharajah profiled piano legend James Booker. Her new film, Buckjumping, is world-premiering at NOFF
Nikki Walsh is Director of Film Music at Universal Pictures
Jay Weigel (moderator) is a composer, producer, and arranger whose work can be heard in over 50 films