October 18, October 21

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“I’m at peace because I’ve given up. Do you know what I mean?” Jeong-ae’s father wants to prepare her for the harsh world ahead. But she’s determined to carve out a life and a family that feels right to her. Filmmaker Heejae Jeong puts us in Jeong-ae’s pocket; she’s matured quickly to navigate the world she’s been handed, but at heart she is still just a 16-year-old girl looking for support. After receiving a letter from her estranged mother, she and her loyal friend traverse Seoul to find the adults who left them behind. In the process Jeong-ae learns that the world isn’t engineered to care for all of us. Despite the harsh struggles that confront her, Jeong-ae maintains her spirit and avoids developing into a bitter and self-centered adult. -KM

#afamilyaffair #comingofage #bestfriends #journey