October 14 and 17

94 min.


Sat Oct 14 2:45PM | The New Orleans Advocate | Member $10 General $13

Tues Oct 17 2:00PM | The New Orleans Advocate | Member $7 General $10

Modern Love

USA | 2017 | 10 min | DIR: Francesca Mirabella

A young man who lives his life through social media has an encounter with a young woman who challenges his ideals about sexual stereotypes.

True Blue

USA | 2017 | 19 min | DIR: Chris Osborn

A lonely pyramid schemer’s dark night of the soul in Atlantic City.

Night Shift

USA | 2017 | 16 min | DIR: Marshall Tyler

A bumpy night at his longterm gig as a bathroom attendant forces an on-again, off-again actor to face a reality he’s not yet ready to embrace.

Call Your Father

USA | 2016 | 19 min | DIR: Jordan Firstman

On Josh and Greg’s first date, they quickly realize that the generational divide between them is the least of their worries.

Alex and the Handyman

USA | 2016 | 14 min | DIR: Nicholas Colia

A precocious nine year old develops a crush on the 25-year-old handyman working in his family mansion.

Us Funny

USA | 2016 | 16 min | DIR: Julia Bales & Jim Cummings

Jim and Julia have a wonderful date leading up to a serious conversation.