October 23 – 24

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Bob Wigg’s failing eyes are scanning the ground under the Lafayette cypress grove he calls home, searching for cracks in mudflats, the patterns of tree bark, and the lines of fallen petals. Gifted with a naturalist’s microscopic eye and a physicist’s zeal for formal purity, his whole life has been a protean generation of forms, from tabletop maquettes to massive public sculpture. All of it is based off a private science of Suture Geometry, a system elaborated through the collision of folk knowledge and mathematics over forty years. Bending Lines combines the patience of Gerhard Richter Painting and the warmth of Bill Cunningham: New York as it plunges into an artistic cosmos, the fruit of a life folded around the object of its obsession. -JK

This film’s screening on October 23, 6PM at the Ranch Theater at CAC is FREE for members of the Ogden Museum of Southern Arts and New Orleans Film Society.

Community Partner: The Ogden Museum of Southern Art