October 24, October 25

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“Your long-lost mother has been decapitated and we can’t find the head” has to be tops on the list of things you don’t want to hear when arriving in a foreign country. Such is the state of Havana’s welcome wagon for John (Clifton Collins Jr., Westworld, Knight of Cups). This “yuma” from the mainland had hoped to be meeting the missing piece of his family story, not hunting for the missing piece of his mother. In his path are smug cops, bribe-hungry locals, spiritual hitmen, and Vladimir, the “huge and tiny son” who runs the neighborhood and volunteers as John’s chaos-making guide. A grisly and grimly comic death trip, Cabeza Madre flips over the sentimental Havana postcard and sniffs the stains on the underside. -JK

#laughoutloud #vivacuba #thathappened #almodovar

Preceded by the short film “Miedo de Monos” (6 min).