October 18, October 21

Evoking a beautifully self-conscious ‘70s art-cinema aesthetic, this often dark—but very funny—meta-comedy challenges how disfigured people are presented on screen: historically as villainous, monstrous, or pitiful, and largely played by conventional-looking actors. Co-stars Mabel (Jessica Weixler) and Rosenthal (Adam Pearson, Under the Skin) develop a friendship on the set of a pretentious European auteur’s English-language debut. However, what constitutes perception, reality, and the film world is sometimes difficult to discern. Writer/director Aaron Schimberg both skewers and indulges a self-congratulatory and beauty-centric film industry with a light and satirical touch, never forgetting the human behind each of his characters. -ST

#inyourfeelings #robertaltman #ensemble #filmwithinafilm

Preceded by the short film “You Know Where” (9 min).