October 16, 2017

87 min.


Member $10 | General $13


Mon Oct 16 8:30PM | The Broad Theater | Member $10 General $13

After suffering a crippling personal loss, Clive is thrown into a grief-stricken daze, stacking up empty days and empty bottles. To the rescue comes Trevor, an iconoclastic former professor who’s recently been pried from his tenured university job. Trevor all but drags Clive bodily to the farm out in Cut Off where he’s holed up like a Cajun Colonel Kurtz, attracting a personal coterie that’s half-encounter therapy group, half-Mansonesque kill-cult. Under Trevor’s diabolical tutelage, Clive gouges away at the layers of delusion sealing him off from the truth: about his former life, his imperilled future, and Trevor’s true designs. Cut Off matches regional flair with a paranoid streak a mile wide. -JK

Filmmaker scheduled to attend

World Premiere

PRD: Carol Bidault de l’Isle; WRI: Jowan Carbin; DP: Justin Zweifach; ED: Derek Drouin


Community Partner: Women in Film and Television