October 15 and 17

72 min.


Members $10 | General $13


Sun, Oct 15 4:00PM | Cinebarre Canal Place 9 | Member $10 General $13

Tues, Oct 17 7:00PM | Cinebarre Canal Place 9 | Member $10 General $13

In a cozier city, bumping into your ex-lover might call for an awkward smile and swift goodbye, but in London’s chilly metropolis it calls for a full-on catch up. So Frank and Inez find themselves, biking the same route to a party. Picking their way across parks and side streets, they traverse their shared history with far-from-rosy recollection. Every twist of their lacerating conversation is captured by the cameras perched on their helmets, a safety precaution that could become an emotional liability. More than just a bold experiment, the all-GoPro format is weightless and elastic, sliding from Google Maps-esque streetscapes into voyeuristic close-ups, mirroring Frank and Inez’s distances and their too-close closeness. -JK

World Premiere

Filmmaker scheduled to attend

PRD: Hayley Williams, Guy Thompson, Freddy Syborn; WRI: Freddy Syborn; DP: Freddy Syborn; ED: Jack Hextall