October 18, 2017

92 min.


Member $10 | General $13


Wed Oct 18 7:30PM | Prytania Theater | Member $10 General $13

Papa Grows Funk carved out a successful place for themselves in the New Orleans live music scene, playing to loyal crowds of locals and tourists every Monday night at The Maple Leaf. Cobbled together in 2000 from local jam sessions, the band eventually became a mainstay in the Crescent City and booked international tours. But defining success proves to be as murky as achieving happiness. Do U Want It? revisits the band’s career as they prepare for a final tour and album recording before a planned hiatus. The film asks the eternal question for New Orleans’ performers: in a city where you can make it as musician, is that enough? Does success mean always leaving your home behind? -KM

Filmmaker scheduled to attend

PRD: Sam Radutzky, Josh Freund, Alex Mallonee; WRI: Josh Freund and Sam Radutzky; DP: Josh Freund and Sam Radutzky; ED: Sam Radutzky, Josh Freund, Manuel Tsingaris


Community Partners: Cutting Edge NOLA, NOLA Hip Hop Archive, #Awayteam, Music & Culture Coalition of New Orleans (MaCCNO)