October 17, 2017

95 min.


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Tues Oct 17 8:30PM | The New Orleans Advocate | Member $10 General $13

The greatest political organizer you’ve never heard of is a Mexican-American divorcée with eleven children, a close friend of Bobby Kennedy and Gloria Steinem, and a co-founder of the National Farmworkers Association with César Chavéz. Mistakenly called “César Chavéz’s girlfriend” instead of “co-founder” or “colleague,” Dolores Huerta has been all but erased from the history books and diminished in her role as a top leader of Latino rights movements. Produced by Carlos Santana, Dolores crafts a stirring and frustrating portrait of an American hero that has not been given proper recognition. -LA

PRD: Brian Benson; WRI: Peter Bratt, Jessica Congdon; DP: Jesse Dana; ED: Jessica Congdon


Community Partner: New Orleans NOW, Nuestra Voz