October 21

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@ Greater New Orleans Foundation | Open to the public

Writing and development are the work before the work, the long gestation that ensures that the slender spark of a film’s soul is preserved through the burst of chaos that is principal photography. One way to keep grounded and sane during this crucial (and often years-long) period is to find a steadfast collaborator. In this session, we make time to hear directly from two pairs of close collaborators, each with a new film at NOFF.

Daniel Laabs’s feature directorial debut Jules of Light and Dark has received support from Austin Film Society, IFP, San Francisco Film Society, and USinProgress.
Russell Scheaffer is a producer of Jules of Light and Dark and founder of Artless Media
Courtney Faye Powell is an Emmy-nominated producer and director of The Future is Bright
Tate Nova is producer and writer of The Future is Bright