October 20 – 23

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Three aimless millennials in a go-nowhere band are recruited as willing pawns by a shadow revolution, an insurrection led by an unlikely anti-government cabal of Buddhist sovereign citizens, telepathic native separatists, hardline rastas, and AR-toting preppers, spearheaded by the dreadlocked King Alpha. Their mission: to find and execute [names redacted]. Dosed with the nihilistic punk DNA of Lizzie Borden’s Born in Flames and Fassbinder’s The Third Generation, Empty Metal tosses scraps of our everyday dystopia into its psychic soup, serving up a present that shades into science fiction, studded with details of the daylight world returning with the clarity of a nightmare. -JK

#blacklivesmatter #indigenous #psychicwarfare #blackmirror

Preceded by the short film “Fatherland” (15 min).