October 13, 2017

79 min.


Member $10 | General $13


Fri Oct 13 8:30PM | Ace Hotel New Orleans | Member $10 General $13

During the good times of Mardi Gras, few people stop to ask questions. In festival alum Jorge Torres-Torres’ new feature something sinister stalks the streets of New Orleans, taking advantage of that festive chaos. As we weave in and out of parades and around street corners along with wild revelers and dazzling performers, it becomes clear that not everyone has the same idea of a good time. Latching on to a group of friends, a stranger immerses herself in their connections to each other and the city, even as she picks them off one by one. Part narrative, part documentation of America’s biggest celebration, Fat Tuesday leads you through location footage of the closing week of Mardi Gras with a firm, blood drenched hand. -AL

Filmmaker scheduled to attend

World Premiere

PRD: Matt Koroghlian, Michelle Kowalski, Jorge Torres-Torres; WRI: Matt Koroghlian, Jorge Torres-Torres; DP: Jorge Torres-Torres; ED: Jorge Torres-Torres