October 20

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@ Greater New Orleans Foundation | Open to the public

The virtual reality revolution is testing the limits of what is possible in “first person” storytelling. How can VR enhance, filter, manipulate, or warp a viewer’s perspective? Does the message of a VR film linger longer than for a flat film? In this panel discussion, we’re going to take a deep dive into the evolving meaning of first-person storytelling. How does embodying a main character of a different race, culture, or gender affect your experience of the story? Immersive filmmakers will discuss the process of how to tell stories from the vantage point of a participant, rather than an onlooker, and will share the reactions to their films from viewers so far. Join us in a conversation with the filmmakers shaping, imagining, and leading new first-person futures.

This panel is presented with support from the Center for Asian American Media and Black Public Media.

Amanda Shelby (moderator) is a VR producer specializing in both documentary and futuristic VR; after a decade in broadcast entertainment, she had a successful tenure as Head of VR Production at Radiant Images
Gabriela Arp is an independent film director and VR creator. She was a Knight fellow at the Sundance Institute and her most recent film premiered at Tribeca Film Festival
Courtney Cogburn is an assistant professor at the Columbia School of Social Work and co-director of the VR film “1000 Cut Journey”
Felicia Lowe is an independent producer, director, and writer whose films focus on the unique history of the Chinese in America.
Matthew Hashiguchi is a documentary filmmaker and assistant professor at Georgia Southern University.