October 18, October 20

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In the small town of Wawarsing, New York, a stubborn local woman takes up an unusual battle. Facing off against her beleaguered husband, Gary, a concerned group of animal welfare workers, and the law, Kathy Murphy must do whatever it takes to defend her beloved 200 chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys from being removed from her property. On the surface, it’s a classic tale of the clash between the private and public domain (as well as two conceptions of what it means to love and care for animals). But as we watch Kathy and Gary’s relationship shift—imploding and rebuilding over five years—the film transitions into something quite different: a portrait of a unique, 30-year love story threatened by the presence of 200 unruly birds. -ST

#hoarders #strangerthanfiction #itscomplicated #duckduckgoose

Preceded by the short film “Taxidermy in Action” (8 min).

Community Partners: The New Orleans – Birmingham Psychoanalytic Center