October 19 – 22

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Housebound by an unexplained fear, Maria takes a Google Maps tour of the lido in her Bulgarian hometown. She tries to hide her anxiety in texts to her grown adopted daughter, Meredith, who’s travelled to North Carolina to meet her biological mother’s sister, Violet. Meanwhile, Maria befriends her neighbor Clara, who is in the midst of a breakup with an abusive girlfriend. Shot in incandescent black and white and written in close collaboration with its four lead actors, Fort Maria arms itself with wistfulness and humor as it throws a gaze of Bergmanesque acuity across a rich dramatic field: scavenged comradeship, tiny braveries, and the chance consolations thrown in the path of solitary souls. -JK

#motherdaughter #homesick #fishoutofwater #southernmade #alum


Preceded by the short film “Barbara’s Game” (10 mins.)