October 21 – 23

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Screening at The New Orleans Advocate

The bridge is hardly eye-catching: a four-lane overpass spanning a trash-filled stream. Laila Haidari, Kabul’s “mother of the addicts,” ducks into the cramped, half-lit space beneath, where on any given day dozens, maybe a hundred men are buying, shooting, and smoking heroin. At “Mother Camp,” Laila treats addiction with a bare-bones program of cold-turkey abstention, group meetings, and cold showers. While the Afghan authorities mobilize against opium like an enemy invader, Laila fights for her program tooth and nail, keeping the camp running on profits from her restaurant and money begged from indifferent officials. Laila at the Bridge is an urgent, lacerating tale of one woman doggedly trying to hold back a tide of human wreckage. -JK

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Community Partner: KADA

This screening is free thanks to the generous support of The Helis Foundation.