October 20 – 22

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To begin with, there’s Sephora the filmmaker, pitching her Tigrinya-speaking mother on an idea for a movie about Haile, a Eritrean cab driver so haunted by homesickness and memories of a country that—when he last saw it—didn’t even exist on paper, that seeing a stranger with a familiar face sends him into a tailspin. Then there’s Sephora the character, who rollerskates around the Fillmore, grumbles about gentrification, and argues politics with her militant high-school friend. Obeying the hard-times motto of “mend and make do,” Life is Fare holds together its multiple threads with scrappiness and style. In the act it maps just a few of the facets of a endlessly complex shape: the face of a people in a materially benign but deeply-felt exile. -JK

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Preceded by the short film “Angela” (13 min).

Community Partners: The Mixed Company Project