October 14, 2017

105 min.


Member $10 | General $13


Sat Oct 14 5:00PM | Prytania Theater | Member $10 General $13


USA | 2017 | 10 min | DIR: Katie Mathews (World Premiere)

A Cambodian fisherman in coastal Louisiana faces the prospect of becoming a refugee for the second time.

Really Human

USA | 2017 | 5 min | DIR: Claire Bangser (World Premiere)

After working with the U.S. Forces in Iraq, Ihssan Sharbah flees to America with his family.  

Camp of the Innocents

USA | 2017 | 24 min | DIR: Mira Kohl, Joe Hiller, & Jack Collins (World Premiere)

A look at U.S. internment of Latin American “enemy aliens” during World War II in New Orleans and across the U.S. South.

You See ‘Em

USA | 2017 | 7 min | DIR: Emma Landeche (World Premiere)

The Abita Mystery House is home to a number of strange artifacts, junk, and folk art.

Echoes of Vietnam

USA | 2017 | 26 min | DIR: Joel Woodman (World Premiere)

A group of Vietnamese refugees from New Orleans find an unlikely source of strength after traumatic events like post-war relocation and Hurricane Katrina.

Hotel Al

USA | 2017 | 24 min | DIR: Colleen Keeley (World Premiere)

A quick-tongued Cajun hustler celebrates his 55th year working for the oldest family-owned hotel in America.

Flooded With You

USA | 2017 | 8 min. | DIR: Evan Kidd

After the historic August 2016 floods in Baton Rouge, the Davis family now all lives together in one small apartment owned by the family matriarch.


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