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Bonnie & Clyde. Holly & Kit. Thelma & Louise. Alabama & Clarence. The faces change, but the story goes like this: They meet, fall hard for one another, and together they blaze down the open road, leaving a trail of empty banks and dead bodies in their love-crazed path. Besides the thrill of watching beautiful people pushing fast cars and the rules of respectable society to their limit, what keeps us coming back to the image of lovers on the run, young or old, doomed or charmed? This informal talk examines this old old story and finds that something about these pairs of heart- bonded runaways speaks, from film to film, to the nature of movie-going itself.

Mike Miley teaches literature at Metairie Park Country Day School and film studies at Loyola University New Orleans. His writing on film has appeared in, Bright Lights Film Journal, Music and the Moving Image, and elsewhere. His book Truth and Consequences: Game Shows in Fiction and Film is forthcoming from the University Press of Mississippi.