October 14 and 17

67 min.


Sat Oct 14 8:45PM | Cinebarre Cana Place 9 | Member $10 General $13

Tues Oct 17 1:45PM | Ace Hotel New Orleans | Member $7 General $10

David Huggins lives a quiet life in Hoboken, New Jersey. At 72 years old he fills most of his time with painting, watching movies, and a parttime job at a local store. But, mostly, David spends his time reminiscing on his past relationship with an alien being. Through books and forums David connects with others who have similar experiences; through painting his memories he finds his catharsis. Welcoming viewers into his home, Love and Saucers is composed of David’s rich descriptions of his life and works, and supported by interviews with the friends, family, and various members of the community. Each has been touched by his positive influence, and each discusses the distinct possibility that we are not alone. -AL

Filmmaker scheduled to attend

PRD: Matt Ralston; DP: Munn Powell; ED: Brad Abrahams