October 14 – 15, 2017

240 min


Oct 14,15 12:00PM-4:00PM | Music Video Lounge at the Ace Hotel New Orleans | Free

Yeti Lane: “L’Aurore” (US Premiere)

France | 2016 | 6 min | DIR: Simon Gesrel & Arnaud Viémont

The different stages of a long-immobile fight in an American diner.

Lil Dicky: “Pillow Talking” featuring Brain (World Premiere)

USA | 2017 | 11 min | DIR: Tony Yacenda

Lil Dicky navigates an awkward yet hilarious post-coital conversation with a lady friend.

Cherry Glazerr: “Told You I’d Be With The Guys”

USA | 2016 | 5 min | DIR: Riley Blakeway

A dialogue-starter about female solidarity and gender equality within the arts.

Oly: “Growing Young”

Poland | 2017 | 5 min | DIR: Katarzyna Sawicka

Two girls raised as sisters see their relationship change and grow apart.

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“Suicide Note”

UK | 2016 | 5 min | DIR: Marina Walz

A stranger appears from nowhere and offers his hand to a young girl in a white dress. She accepts.

King Woman: “Manna” (World Premiere)

USA | 2017 |  6 min | DIR: Vincent Jude Chaney

A girl rises from the Louisiana swamp.

Psychic Hotline: “Empathy” (World Premiere)

USA | 2017 | 3 min | DIR: Michael Arcos

Have you ever swayed to the beat amidst a swell of digital feedback? Psychic Hotline has.

Kross: “Esc Elation” (World Premiere)

Norway, UK | 2017 | 3 min | DIR: Thor Brenne

Anxiety. Cold. Party. Again.

Femdot: “Soul”
USA | 2017 | 3 min | DIR: Zack Gregory

A visual collage of Femmy’s life and the people who have shaped who he is.

ROAR!: “Water”

USA | 2017 | 6 min | DIR: Carly Meyers & Adam Gertner

A fall down the New Orleans rabbit hole into a play-like underwater world of fish and fun.

Elohim: “Hallucinating”

USA | 2016 | 4 min | DIR: Megan Park

A girl hallucinates through another day alone in paradise.

Surfer Blood: “Taking Care of Eddy”

USA | 2017 | 4 min | DIR: Niko Guardia & Sachio Cook

Two teenage mutants roam their suburban landscape, squashing creatures known as “Eddys.”

Steady Holiday: “Terror”

USA | 2017 | 5 min | DIR: Joseph Armario

While cleaning her home, a suburban woman finds a creature in her couch that won’t die.

“Street Punx Oi” (World Premiere)

Myanmar, USA | 2017 | 4 min | DIR: Maja Holzinger

The story of how the filmmakers met the punks in Yangon, Myanmar.

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Delish Da Goddess: “Black Excellence” (World Premiere)

USA | 2017 | 3 min | DIR: Sean O’Grady

New Orleans rapper Delish stars as the ruler of an underground Dystopian clan of females.

Common: “Black America Again”

USA | 2016 | 22 min | DIR: Bradford Young

A celebration of the beauty, strength, and spirit of black communities during these troubling times.

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Community Partner: NOLA Hip Hope Archive, Pont:Productions