October 22

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Screening at The Ranch Theater at CAC

59 MINS | USA, VIETNAM | 2018
Producer: Kelvin Saint Pham
DP: Adele Pham
Editor: Jessica Windt

Surprised to learn that over half of America’s nail salons are Vietnamese-owned, filmmaker Adele Pham is inspired to uncover the history and modern reality of the Vietnamese-American nail salon. From surprising origins—the Vietnam War, a California refugee camp, and The Birds actress “Tippi” Hedren—Nailed It weaves archival and contemporary footage with pop-culture soundbites that show how often Vietnamese have served as the butt of jokes. Race and prejudice cast long shadows over this story, even in Pham’s own connection to the industry through her Vietnamese father. Nailed It paints an illuminating picture that’s incredibly wide-spanning and personal, a secret history of an eight billion-dollar industry. -ST

#nailsonfleek #salonlife #workingwomen #vietnamese #diaspora

Preceded by the short film “Ongoing/Memory” (11 min).


Community Partners: VAYLA, Working Films

This screening is free thanks to the generous support of The Helis Foundation.