October 15 and 18

95 min.


Sun Oct 15 1:30PM | The New Orleans Advocate | FREE thanks to the generous support of the Helis Foundation

Wed Oct 18 12:00PM |The New Orleans Advocate | Member $7 General $10

Girlfriends (Podrugi)

Russia | 2017 | 17 min | DIR: Evgenia Kovda  (World Premiere)

A tale of old age and claustrophobia in Putin’s Russia.

American Dream

USA | 2017 | 12 min | DIR: Alexia Oldini  (World Premiere)

A young Chinese immigrant moves to New York City in the hopes of achieving her dreams.

The Sacred Disease

USA | 2016 | 27 min | DIR: Erica Scoggins

Reeling from the death of her brother, a small-town epileptic ditches her pills and follows a mysterious woman into the deep woods of Tennessee.

My Treasure (Mi Tesoro)

El Salvador | 2017 | 23 min | DIR: Michael Flores

A cleaning woman steals a Salvadoran Civil War map and hunts for a treasure in the hopes of reuniting with her son.


USA | 2017 | 16 min | DIR: Sudarshan Suresh (World Premiere)

Resigned to a mundane life of caring for a mother with dementia, Zola sees a fleeting chance at escape when she runs into an old crush.

The Shuttle

USA | 2017 | 16 min | Lu Han

When a nail salon owner suspects her husband of sleeping with one of her employees, she decides to confront them in her own way.

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