October 14, 2017

Virtual Reality is everywhere now, but its production is still out of reach
for many people. This so-called “empathy machine” isn’t quite
democratized yet, but our panelists are rising to the challenge, looking
past the hype, and introducing us to the process and implications of
working in VR.

Matthew Findley is President of inXile Entertainment, where he’s made
games for more years than the average age of the people who play them.
Matthew Hales (moderator) is VP of Immersive Technology at TurboSquid,
the world’s largest provider of 3D content.
Jessica Ann Peavy is a filmmaker and visual artist and member of NEW
INC, the art and tech incubator at the New Museum.
Tracy Rector is Co-founder and Executive Director of Longhouse Media,
an indigenous media arts organization.