October 24

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Sparked by a UN-instigated cholera outbreak, Pèp Souvren follows two Haitian grassroots activists over several years in their fights to promote a fair and sovereign democracy in “the world’s first black republic.” In a country haunted by slavery, colonialism, military coups, and an increasingly suspect UN presence, their fight will prove an uphill battle. They confront voter fraud, myriad electoral postponements and disappointing voter turnouts amid state violence and corruption. Although it stands for the thousands of Haitians involved in domestic political action, the film’s sensorial approach roots the broader political struggle in the personal, showing us the consequences of a shambolic and oppressive status-quo on the individual. -ST

#resist #upclose #grassroots #getoutthevote #cinemaverite

Preceded by the short film “Black I Am” (13 min).