October 21, October 23

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October 21st, 04:15pm at The Advocate New Orleans | October 23rd, 03:45pm at The Ranch Theater at CAC

The last woman on earth sits down in semi-darkness, plugs herself into the mains, and, to the wistful croons of Paul Anka, puzzles over the half-remembered shreds of a life when she might have been human. The ones she was born (or created) to serve have long since disappeared, and now something is stirring, something she was never intended to feel. In between making her rounds at a massive factory hog farm, the lonely worker begins to sing. Eccentrically shot on glimmering, weathered celluloid, Pig Film pulls voltage from the electro-mechanical wellspring of Eraserhead and outsmarts the noisy, forced psychedelia of multiplex tripsters like Noé and Aronofsky, scratching a post-human mythology into Southern rust. -JK

#avantgarde #farmopera #southernmade #alum #bw #boucherie

Preceded by the short film “The Golden People” (12 min).

This screening is free thanks to the generous support of The Helis Foundation.