October 23

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Everyone in Steubenville, Ohio is always talking about the high school football team. But in August 2012, the conversation took a turn after a night of partying with varsity players descended into hell for the young girl known only as Jane Doe, who only found out she was raped when she woke up the next morning. Nancy Schwartzman’s searing indictment of rape culture unravels a small-town crime that made national headlines but likely wouldn’t have seen trial without the evidence of social media. In this thought-provoking film we hear local radio hosts, neighbors, and school employees routinely questioning the motives of Jane Doe while protecting the young men who assaulted her, suggesting that justice in the courtroom is only half the battle. -KM

#metoo #docuthriller #timesup #headlines #toxicmasculinity


Preceded by the short film “Group” (15 min).


Community Partners: STAR, Shift Change, Louisiana Foundation Against Sexual Assault