October 13, 2017

75 min.


Members $10 | General $13


Fri, Oct 13 8:45PM | Cinebarre Canal Place 9 | Member $10 General $13

A film ostensibly about a lonely dog groomer’s twin quests, to find love and to fund his all-cat remake of Carrie, She’s Allergic to Cats angles after darker, deeper-swimming fish. Shooting across tape and digital formats, director Michael Reich slathers on pops, skips, noise, and other magnetic crust with an almost precognitive aesthetic sense, building up a visual fabric that’s one part giallo, one part Men’s Wearhouse commercial c.1992, and one part Stephen King straight-to-video cheese. Bucking the specter (everywhere in our post-Too Many Cooks moment) of weirdness for its own sake, Reich reaches down into his story’s molten core: the unwell subconscious writhing behind the painfully composed face of the American male. -JK

Filmmaker scheduled to attend

Preceded by the short film “OK Call Me Back” (5 min).

PRD: Anthony Baldino, Vaughn Rever Hampton, Andrew van den Houten; WRI: Michael Reich; DP: Zach Driscoll; ED: Forrest Borie


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