October 13, 2017

65 min.


Member $10 | General $13


Fri Oct 13 6:45PM | The Broad Theater | Member $10 General $13

Developed at a whirlwind pace, hyped to the gills, dumped on the market with no support, and abandoned within a year: the story of the Power Glove, 1989’s hottest video gaming accessory and the world’s first whiff of mass-market virtual reality, is hardly unique in the annals of retail, but its cultural impact runs deep. Power of Glove’s oral history revels in chunky 8-bit futurism: cyberpunk fashion statements, neon VHS eye-candy, and heavy machine-made sounds (via a banging synthwave score by Magic Sword). As an enduring tribe of Glove hackers and enthusiasts already knows, futurist promises have an inspirational power no matter how shoddily they’re fulfilled, and limitlessness sometimes comes wrapped in cheap plastic. -JK

Filmmaker scheduled to attend

Preceded by the short film “My Name Is Marc, And You Can Count On It” (15 min).

US Premiere

PRD: Andrew Austin, Paula Kosowski, Adam Ward; WRI: Andrew Austin, Paula Kosowski, Adam Ward; DP: Adam Ward, Andrew Austin; ED: Andrew Austin, Adam Ward


Community Partners: Mystic Krewe of the Silver Ball, Crescent City Comics