October 20 – 23

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Why is a renowned Mexican architect’s entire professional archive—thousands and thousands of photos, drawings, models, and objects—owned by a Swiss furniture company? Short answer: love. Artist and director Jill Magid unwinds the story of how Luis Barragán’s legacy came to be sold wholesale and shipped overseas, and how she hatched a scheme to woo the archive back to his homeland. Her romantic offensive focuses on Federica Zanco, the guardian of the archive, and culminates in her titular “proposal” to Zanco, a gesture that shocked the international art world and scandalized the Mexican media. Can legal contracts express longing? Can love letters persuade a corporation? Full of lush, crisply-shot images, The Proposal says yes. -JK

#plottwist #artworld #lovestory #mexico #docuthriller #creativeprocess

In loving memory of our friend and New Orleans Society Producer’s Circle Member Jack Forbes, who loved art, architecture and film.