October 12, 2017

68 min.


Member $7 General $10


Thurs, Oct 12 2:45PM | The New Orleans Advocate | Member $7 General $10

In this immersive, experimental documentary, the world belongs to Hatsune Miku, a Japanese vocaloid, or synthesizer voice, played by a manga character with blue pigtails. Her backstory and personality have been largely created as fan fiction. Director Ann Oren joins hundreds of girls in taking on the role of Hatsune Miku in Tokyo’s manic cosplay universe, where diehard devotees buy tickets to see a hologram of the virtual goddess perform for sold-out arenas. Along the way, the motives of cosplayers and Hatsune Miku obsessives are alternately exposed and concealed. Both disorienting and delightful, The World Is Mine reveals how fantasy and identity performance can spur romance, friendship, self-confidence, and isolation. -KM

US Premiere

PRD: Ann Oren, Motomi Haruyama, Dafne Narvaez Berlfein; WRI: Ann Oren; DP: Hiroki Iwai; ED: Isabell Spengler


Community Partners: Kawaii NOLA, Crescent City Comics