103 min.


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Time and space are amorphous concepts in The World of Which We Dream Doesn’t Exist. We visit several generations of a family living in Khuvsgul, on the Mongolian steppe. A Shaman elder receives a message in a dream that a great journey is ahead. His grandson is accidentally poisoned by mushrooms and the Shaman seeks the advice and support of his ancestors. As we follow each family member through their daily duties and private moments, we are also privy to the events taking place on another plane of existence, parallel to, yet removed from the world of the living. The World of Which We Dream Doesn’t Exist examines how each small moment in a life reaches into the past and connect us to each other. -GHR

US Premiere

PRD: Ayoub Qanir, Enkhtsag Damdinjav, Shirmen Batdelger; WRI: Ayoub Qanir, George Thomson; DP: Roman Kuznets; ED: Ayoub Qanir, Roman Kuznetsk