October 13

27 min.


FREE thanks to the generous support of the Helis Foundation

Located at THREE KEYS at the Ace Hotel New Orleans

How do you talk about something that’s as large as history itself, but also right outside your front door? Angelique Molina centers her essay on gentrification on the residents of View Park, an L.A. neighborhood that wears its affluence, and its blackness, proudly. Beyond a legacy of red-lining and block-busting, she finds an older generation fighting hard to maintain their neighborhood’s identity and a younger one who can no longer afford a house in the only place that feels like home. Though far from sanguine about the fate of View Park or the will of people on all sides to attack the problem in earnest, Molina captures the bitter with the sweet, both the anxiety of home-owners on the edge and the kinship that keeps them upright. -JK

Filmmaker scheduled to attend

FREE thanks to the generous support of the Helis Foundation

Liliana Granados, Max Wyman; DP: Eseraele Alemu; ED: Yongle Wang, Laurie Gardiner


Community Partners: Jane Place NeighborhoodHousing NOLA, Blights Out, Sustainability Initiative




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