October 19 – 23

83 mins | USA | 2018
Producer: Gene Graham, Paul Rowley
DP: Paul Rowley
Editor: Gene Graham

The Classy Nasty Ladies load up their cars with crock pots, sandwich trays, and jello shots. It’s Thursday night and they’re headed to a karate school revamped to host a bawdy male dance revue. This One’s for the Ladies, which premiered at SXSW this year, explores the world of black male dancers and their superfans. Blaze, the lone female dancer, does as well with the ladies as their favorite guys: Mr. Capable, Fever, Raw Dawg, and Satan. But the fans steal the show in this film. Between lap dances they raise money for Autism awareness, attend a march for Mothers for Justice United, and host soup kitchens. Filmmaker Gene Graham has managed to make a film that’s both a hot, raunchy ride and a heart-warming, feel-good celebration of friendship. -KM

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