October 15 and 17

78 min.


Members $10 | General $13


Sun Oct 15 6:00PM | Cinebarre Canal Place 9 | Member $10 General $13

Tues Oct 17 8:45PM | Cinebarre Canal Place 9 | Member $10 General $13

Legacy looms large in Victor’s mind. His recently deceased father’s legacy, his family’s legacy, and what will one day be his own. Victor hires Dorian, a skeptical documentarian, and Zuhair, a cameraman, to follow him to France for the reading of his father’s will. Victor intends to use film to craft a positive narrative around his family’s wealth, masking his father’s lessthansavory business tactics and a history of exploitation in French West Africa. As they travel across France, it becomes clear that Victor’s often comedic delusions do not come close to the bizarre reality of who his father was. Victor’s History considers the complicated layers of privilege, colonization, and just who deserves to recount and present the past. -GHR

Filmmaker scheduled to attend

World Premiere

PRD: Shoaib Lokhandwala; WRI: Nicolas Chevaillier DP: Shoaib Lokhandwala; ED: Nicolas Chevaillier