October 14 and 16


Sat Oct 14 4:15PM | Cinebarre Canal Place 9 | FREE thanks to the generous support of the Helis Foundation

Mon Oct 16 3:30PM | Ace Hotel New Orleans | Member $7 General $10

During the daylight hours, strip malls are the habitat of errand-runners, diners, and soccer moms, but as night falls they quickly give way to young, bored security employees and tired bartenders closing up shop. Betty has just joined their ranks, patrolling the strip and breaking up adventurous couples, but the night shift is really messing up her social life. That is, if she had one to begin with. As long, uninspiring nights pass she finds a friend in Danny, the aforementioned bartender who has fallen on rough times. When signals get crossed it is unclear whether it’s friendship or more, but as it so often goes it’s sure to be awkward either way. Wexford Plaza pictures life by the fluorescent-pooled light of suburban nights. -AL

Filmmaker scheduled to attend

Preceded by the short film “Troll” (13 min).

Saturday Screening is FREE thanks to the generous support of the Helis Foundation

PRD: Matt Greyson, Harry Cherniak, Joyce Wong; WRI: Joyce Wong DP: Maya Bankovic; ED: Darby MacInnis


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