October 19 – 24

This is an intimate portrait of the lives of three Puerto Rican teenagers—dancer Juan, basketballer Rushian, and clever Ivianyd. Covering their relationships to family, school, and life goals, the film is anchored by a workshop the schoolkids undertake with the aim of challenging their negative self-perceptions. The teenagers deal with everyday yet poignant issues—fraught feelings about their sexualities, difficulty relating to parents, and the failure to reach artistic goals—while occasionally veering into more tragic circumstances. With a probing eye that exposes moving moments and genuine emotions, director Karen Rossi reveals the real, daily lives of these kids as they navigate the various difficulties of growing up in Puerto Rico. -ST

#boriqua #islandlife #highschooldays #quieresbailar

Preceded by the short film “Pa’lante” (9 min).

Community Partners: NOCCA, Dancing Grounds