October 19, October 23

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In 2005, Bakari Sellers was elected to the South Carolina House of Representatives as the youngest black elected official in American history. Ten years later, he would find himself speaking out on a national stage in the wake of the killings at the Emanuel AME church. We first meet Bakari in the midst of his run for Lieutenant Governor, an office last held by a Black man in 1876. His opponent is Henry McMaster, a Republican incumbent of Reagan-era vintage whose election is seen by some as a forgone conclusion. Throughout his campaign grind—a seemingly endless parade of fish fries and church halls—Sellers maintains his emotional, forthright public style, along with a resolution that echoes his home state’s Latin motto: dum spiro, spero. -JK

Bakari Sellers will be in attendance for the film’s World Premiere on October 19th!

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Preceded by the short film “The Hidden Vote” (10 min).