October 19 4:00 pm

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A showcase of single-channel video works by matthew anthony batty, Rachel de Cuba, and Cristina Molina, three Southern artists who are presenting commissioned installation work in the New Orleans Film Festival HUB this year. These single-channel pieces provide a broader sense of their larger, individual bodies of work, dating from 2016 to 2019.

Cristina Molina

Florida Man + Florida Woman
Florida Man + Florida Woman Episode 2

Based on actual news headlines, these animated vignettes recount the weird adventures, crimes, and rituals of notorious Floridians.

Ice of the World (from The Matriarchs series)

Ice of the World features an intergenerational portrait of women in one family to contemplate themes of eroding landscape, lineage, and loss.

The Hypnoverse 
A set of images and texts that will hypnotize you until you are rid of your patriarchal vices.


Rachel de Cuba

Well Sugared

Migrant Comfort

Dwelling Growth

Dwelling Growth is a meditation on the building of material structures and the disintegration of digital ephemera.


matthew anthony batty


Navigation of the digital landscape of spaces between resource extractions and enclosed wilderness sanctuaries to a poem written and read by Rosechard Wehrenberg Jr.

Firetower in the Deam Wilderness

A journey to the top appears different than the same staircase on the way down, the firetower hears the landscape differently than the humyns that climb it. Poem written and read by Rosechard Wehrenberg Jr.


A poem about gender performances as they pertain to a dancing empty cicada exoskeleton and classic song “These Boots Are Made For Walking” which was written by a mxn for the performance of a womyn.

A Subscendence of Sticks

If the sum of sticks are not greater than an individual it doesn’t take away from the sum… a poem to a beaver lodge.

The Walking Line

A performance of walking between tenderness and masculinity as one walks the horizon.




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