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Social Media Coordinator

Overview: The Festival Social Media Coordinator supports the Marketing and Communications Coordinator in promoting the New Orleans Film Festival prior to and on the ground at the event. The position’s responsibilities include writing, scheduling, publishing, and curating social media content.


The scope of Work:

  • Prior to the Festival, write and pre­-schedule approved social media content for all social channels (including photos and videos) around sponsors, marketing initiatives, and ticketed events;
  • Help facilitate ticket giveaways for specific films;
  • Monitor and respond to social chatter around the Festival to drive engagement;
  • Capture and share informal photos and short videos during the Festival to share on social media platforms;
  • Work with staff and volunteers to ensure social coverage of as many events as possible;
  • Draft social media copy for internal and external requests made during the Festival;
  • Maintain quality control over content submitted by staff, artists, and sponsors to be repurposed across official accounts.


Contract Term:

September 14–September 28, 2016: approximately 3–4 hours per week;

September 28­–October 10: approximately 8–10 hours per week;

October 10–20: full-time (starting the day before the fest + ending the day after the fest)


For more information, email Greta Hagen-Richardson, Marketing & Communications Coordinator.

Examples of positions that are being offered year to year:

Venue Manager

Box Office Manager

Production Assistant



Transportation Coordinator

Production Manager

Warehouse Manager

VIP Lounge Coordinator

among others.

You are welcome to send us your resume at, but it is encouraged to apply for a specific position.


The hiring process runs in August and September.

Please, no phone calls. Thank you!



New Orleans Film Society is always seeking enthusiastic interns! Internships are offered throughout the year in different departments: Programming, Operations, Marketing, and Development. All positions are unpaid, but we offer yearly membership and a festival pass as our form of appreciation.

Length: flexible

Hours: Weekly commitment of around 15-18 hours each week.

Office hours are Monday-Friday 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

Please send a resume and cover letter to, include “internship” in the subject line of your email. Please, no phone calls.

Volunteer Intern


The NOFF Volunteer Program intern will work directly with the Volunteer Coordinator to assemble schedules, shifts, create promotional materials, and oversee the Street Team pre festival; they will also provide daily aid during NOFF (October 11-19th).

Hours/Days are flexible upon scheduling with the Volunteer Coordinator. Email Gabrielle Gatto with your resume to apply.


New Orleans Film Society is also a partner with the following universities:

Loyola University – Work-Study Program

University of Chicago – Metcalf Fellowship

Bennington College –  Field Work Term program




Volunteer opportunities are offered around New Orleans Film Festival (October 1–19) at different capacities, like special events, parties, screenings, transportation, office assistance, production, and others. The recruitment process starts each August and leads up to the Festival. Volunteers are requested to work in specific areas and teams and commit to a certain number of hours.


VolunTIER teams:

The Core: You will be required to commit to all or most of the days of the festival, and hold a specific position (approx. 40hrs). Benefits: NOFS membership, movie vouchers, goodie bag, a coupon for free vintage NOFF merchandise item, free 2017 NOFF volunteer t-shirt, special Volunteer badge as a keepsake.

Half ‘n’ Half: You will share a position with another volunteer to trade off shifts with (approx. 20hrs). Must commit to 3-6 days of the festival.

Benefits: Movie vouchers, goodie bag, free 2017 NOFF volunteer t-shirt, special volunteer badge as a keepsake.

Mind the Gap team: Your involvement can be as low as 1 shift and you will aid in filling in the gaps of festival needs.

Benefits: 1 movie voucher per shift, free NOFF volunteer t-shirt


For further questions and inquiries, email us at

Watch our Volunteer Video to see past NOFF volunteers in action!