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Equal Opportunity Employer

New Orleans Film Society fosters a creative and professional environment that reflects the diversity of New Orleans. We actively recruit a wide pool of applicants representing dimensions of difference that include — but are not limited to — age, national origin, ethnicity, race, religion, ability, sexual orientation, gender, or political affiliation.

Read our Equity Statement here.


Length: Flexible
Hours: Weekly commitment of 10 hours each week, 4 months
Office hours are Monday-Friday 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Compensation: $7.25/h

Please email internship applications at including the department you are interested in doing an internship with your resume and cover letter and include “Internship” in the subject line of your email. See staff contacts here. Please, no phone calls.

New Orleans Film Society is also a partner with the following universities:

  • Loyola University – Work-Study Program
  • University of Chicago – Metcalf Fellowship
  • Bennington College –  Field Work Term Program


About Volunteering 

We appreciate your interest in volunteering with us! Our events would not happen without the dedication and hard work of each and every volunteer. Check out the breakdown of the Volunteer Program below.











If you have any questions that are not addressed here, please feel free to contact



 Production Volunteers

 Pre-Festival, During-Festival and Post- Festival shifts available

  •  Prepare and (un)load equipment, set up/break down of furniture, materials, truss, lights, red carpets, stanchions, signage, etc. 
  • Other duties as assigned


Floater/Runner Volunteers

Pre-Festival, During-Festival and Post-Festival shifts available

  • To be appointed as needed, may require you to do any of the jobs listed
  • Transport supplies from venue to venue


Venue Volunteers

Pre-Festival, During-Festival and Post-Festival shifts available

  • Scan patron’s tickets/passes at the entrance to the Theater, monitor and track attendance, line management
  • Check sound levels and visual quality from inside the theater
  • Keep venues clean and looking great
  • Other venue operations duties as needed


Event Volunteers

Pre-Festival, During-Festival and Post-Festival shifts available

  • Assist the setup and break down of materials at NOFF parties & events
  • Check passes and guest lists as patrons enter
  • Keep spaces clean and looking great
  • Other duties as needed



 Virtual or In-person Movie Vouchers

 o    Choice of (1) Awarded after each shift.

 Vintage Festival Posters

 o    1 Awarded after 12 volunteer hours.

 o    Volunteers will be given a selection to                             choose from. 


o   Moviegoer membership is awarded to anyone who logs 20 or more volunteer hours. 

o   Membership benefits include advanced tickets for our festivals, free exclusive screenings throughout the year, and discounts on all of our tickets, passes, events, and merchandise. Check out, for additional details.