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Help New Orleans Film Society start the new decade strong with an end-of-year gift!
Please note that gifts made on or before December 31 are deductible for 2019 income tax purposes, to the extent allowed by law.

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Did you know that there are only five movie screens operating in New Orleans proper? With the closure of the movie theater in Canal Place, New Orleans is left with one screen at the Prytania Theater and four screens at the Broad Theater.

As the leading film exhibition organization in New Orleans, we build and operate a total of six additional, temporary screening venues for our film screening events year-round. In addition to supporting our neighborhood theaters, the most recent New Orleans Film Festival required three temporary screening venues to be built ground-up to host 30,000 moviegoers in 8 days, allowing the community to experience great art & access its creators.

We cannot do this without your continuous support. Would you help us raise $5,000 by the end of 2019 so we start the new decade strong?

How does your contribution help?
  • $30 Show support for our 30th anniversary
  • $100 Fuel a gathering of our Emerging Voices directors as they build community and meet with game-changing industry professionals
  • $500 Fly a Louisiana filmmaker round-trip to L.A. to pitch at major film studios during our Southern Producer’s Lab
  • $750 License one film for our Free Summer Film Series at the Orpheum
  • $1000 Underwrite the rented equipment we need to build a screening venue ground-up for one screening at a partnering art institution
  • Or contribute another amount, every bit helps!

Thank you for helping New Orleans Film Society keep the cinema-going experience alive in New Orleans!

In 30 Years

Your support allows New Orleans Film Society to provide critical resources to emerging, diverse Southern filmmakers and present the best in local, national, and international filmmaking to our dedicated audience of cinephiles. New Orleans Film Society is a 501 © (3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization and a portion of all contributions are tax deductible.